Q & A Thursday


We are going to try something new here at FERMENTATION:
Q & A Thursday

I get a number of questions asked of me, but usually by e-mail. Let’s bring them out in the open.

Go ahead and ask any question in the comments section of this post. Assuming there are not a jillion of them I’ll do my best to answer them or I’ll find an industry expert who can and we’ll post the answers to the questions on Thursday.

What’s welcome? Anything, but it should probably be on wine, the wine industry, public relations, advertising, blogging, Sonoma Valley, me, etc. But feel free to range widely in your queries. Like I said, if I don’t have an answer, I’ll find someone of some intellectual heft to answer your questions.

Let the questioning begin

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  1. katie-luvz-wine - March 1, 2006

    Terrior has always baffled me. Sometimes when I taste the distinct difference from one appellation to the next, I think I get it and see why there are different appellations assigned. Then at times I cannot tell a difference at all. I am wondering how much wine is related to the bee and honeymaking lines. Where if there is, say, a rosemary bush along the bee’s travels, the honey it makes will have a strong flavor of rosemary. My question would be, can something so small, yet so potent have a strong impact on a vineyard thus falsely characterizing it? Enough so that people may say that “Oh I love Pinot Noir from Carneros, it has a distinct olive note”. Can it just take one group of trees to flavor a small area through the soil, water and air? Or does it not work that way at all?

  2. mommy-salame - March 1, 2006

    Is there a way to condense all the State wine shipping issues into one little paragraph so that I can grasp the intensity of the situation and why it is so important to the entire wine industry? Thanks Tom!

  3. annonymous - March 1, 2006

    I see in your masthead that you have a shaved head, yet when you posted photos of yourself at the Zin Festival, you had a full head of hair. Is that really you in your Fermentation header?

  4. Outdoorgrrl - March 1, 2006

    This is an ettiquette question: I know that when you partake in a complimentary wine tasting at a winery or tasting room that you are not technically obligated to purchase any wine. And while most of the time my husband find something we’d like to take home, we’ve occasionally been to a tasting where we didn’t like ANYTHING. Am I the only one who feels incredibly guilty leaving and not buying anything? Is there a good way to leave so the person who spent all that time pouring and talking to you about wine doesn’t feel insulted?

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