Terroir Discovery Comes To Paso Robles

Six or seven years ago Wark Communications was retained to do some PR work for the Paso Robles Vintners and Growers Association. I recall my trip down to the region to take it all in and get the lay of the land. The first time visitor is struck first by the dynamic differences between west and east Paso Robles: East is flatlands, West is all hills. It was like two different regions under one name.

Mary Baker of Dover Canyon Winery in Paso Robles and a fine blogger, has been brought on by Appellation America to write about the region as well as begin the "Discovery Panel" process that is hoped to bring clarity and reason to the notion of "terroir" and, in this specific case, to Paso Robles terroir. This is, by the way, the second blogger to be brought on board by Appellation America to help move their complicated and meaningful process forward. Earlier this month Lenn of LennDevours was announced as the New York correspondent for Appellation America.

Mary has posted her first article on Paso Robles terroir at Appellation America. It’s worth your time to read and contemplate.

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