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I’m pretty damn happy to say that two Wark Communications clients have taken up blogging. And from mightily different perspectives.

REthink Wine Blog
Inertia Beverage Group is a technology and marketing company out of Napa that helps wineries implement and drive direct sales. They are direct sales experts and that is exactly what their REthink Wine Blog is aimed at decoding. It’s a group blog with the CEO, the Tech Guru and Marketing and Customer Service folk all contributing. Inertia is a company that tends to ignore boundaries so it’s easy to understand why they jumped at the idea of blogging their business.

Cima Collina Winery Blog
Cima Collina is a new, small winery out of the Monterey region headed up by Annette Hoff. Hoff is a true believer in Monterey as a source for great California wines. Her main focus is on Pinot Noir, but she has other tricks up her sleeve too. She’ll be blogging on issue of concern to small wineries as well as wine drinkers, on Monterey, on raising a new winery and on being a woman in the wine industry.

Recommending to a client that they bring transparency to their business through blogging is a tricky thing. They have to be a particular sort because proper, affective business blogs need a force behind them that believe they will benefit from transparency and greater intimacy with their clients and the public.

So, take a look, let us know what you think, and if you like them…subscribe.

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  1. The Winery Web Site Report - March 15, 2006

    New Winery Blog: Cima Collina

    Annette Hoff, the winemaker at Cima Collina is now blogging about Monterey County wines. She’s only got a couple of posts up thus far, but she is blogging as she starts up a winery, and that generally makes for interesting

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