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If you are a consumer want to have wine shipped to you or if you are a winery or retail establishment and you want to do the shipping it can be a pretty complex world.

But have no fear, the ShipCompliant Blog is here to answer your question and bring you the latest news from the front.

Created by the folks at ShipCompliant, the Winery Direct Shipping blog brings a lot of expertise to the table. And if one thing is necessary in what can only be described as the chaotic world of wine sales, expertise is what’s needed.

The blog actually began last year, making me feel a bit ashamed I’d not found it or heard about it.

What will you find? Round ups of the latest shipping news, explanations of the various litigation that is ongoing around the country, commentary on newly enacted legislation concerning wine shipping and helpful updates on the hoops that have been put in front of wine shippers and consumers that must be jumped through.

ShipCompliant, the company behind the blog, produces software and services that help wineries navigate the morass that is direct shipping compliance. As well as their own people writing for the blog they also have enlisted folk from the Wine Institute, the California winery association, to contribute.

Recently Inertia Beverage Group, another company working to help wineries and consumers and the trade use the direct marketing channel more efficiently, started the REthink Wine Blog. Though you can find information about compliance on the REthink Wine Blog, they deal in broader subject matter including the best practices necessary to be a great direct marketer of wine.

More and more resources are becoming available for both those who ship wine and those who want to buy wine direct. ShipCompliant Blog is a great addition that I’ll be watching and reading.

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  1. Paul Mabray - April 19, 2006

    Tom – these guys are great guys with a good vision. I hope all wineries read their blog but also make sure to check with THEIR legal counsel to ensure that it is correct as well as the winery MAY have different regulations on shipping allowances (e.g. owning a winery in a different state, utilizing a three-tier shipping method). Additionally, before any winery utilizes their system, I HIGHLY recommend ensuring that it is integrated with your commerce transactions OR your fulfillment partner so that the winery does not get mired in additional administration work.

  2. CharJ - April 20, 2006

    I was in Pittsburgh, PA last month at this fabulous restaurant set in the mountain, Monterey Bay and I tasted a White Zinfadel called “Sycamore Lane” made by Napa Valley. Well, I fell in love with its robust taste! So of course, I went looking for it – was not able to find it anywhere! And then found out that it’s only supplied to Restaurants!!! So how disappointing was that??? Since, I’m not an owner – I cannot order any! So what’s a Sycamore Lane wine lover to do? Any suggestions?

  3. tom - April 23, 2006

    Though I can’t be sure, I’d be willing to bet that Gallo bottles this same wine under another name. Find a contact for the Gallo PR department, contact them and ask them what’s the name of the wine they make which is similar to Sycamore, but for retail.

  4. Clayer - October 16, 2008

    Superb Vission Guys!

  5. International Movers - March 29, 2010

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