Wine Law Heftyman Takes to Blogging

If you are a wine blog reader you’ve probably noticed that most of what’s being written in the wine blog world is mostly produced by wine lover, rather than wine insiders, let alone wine insiders of any heft. We have few blogs that are written by wine writing pros and some winemaker blogs. So it’s nice to see an insider with great heft contributing to a blog.

The heftyman is Corbin Houchins.

Corbin is one of America’s leading wine lawyers. He’s one of the two or three lawyers and experts on goes to if you want to understand no merely what the law is, but how the law is likely to be made. Hutchins is guest blogging now and again at the Ship Compliant Blog where issues of wine shipping and consumers sales across state lines is explored in great depth.

Houchin’s most recent post there concerns the implications of a preliminary junction handed down in a Texas cases in which the nations wine retailers are looking to open up that market, and the national market, to direct sales from retailers.

In nearly every case and every political battle that concerns the ability for consumers to buy wine direct from out-of-state entities retailers have been left out of the fix. Corbin address the legal and precedent complexities of  the recent Granholm V. Heald decision as well as past precedent setting decisions by that court. If you are in the wine industry or have an interest in the state of the legal wrangling surrounding this issue, this is a must read.

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  1. Paul Mabray - May 30, 2006

    he’s a good lawyer but in my estimation the best is John Hinman and Jason Meek.

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