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May 30, 2006

Wine Law Heftyman Takes to Blogging

If you are a wine blog reader you’ve probably noticed that most of what’s being written in the wine blog world is mostly produced by wine lover, rather than wine insiders, let alone wine insiders of any heft. We have few blogs that are written by wine writing pros and some winemaker blogs. So it’s nice to see an insider with great heft contributing to a blog. The heftyman is Corbin Houchins. Corbin is one of America’s leading wine lawyers….

May 13, 2006

Getting Clarity on Wine Laws

A critical ruling handed down in Washington State by U.S. District Court Judge Marsha Pechman is being appealed by the State. This is good. But there’s also another interesting nugget in this development in what is known as the "Costco Case." First the good. An article reports: "In its appeal, the state will argue that the judge erred when she ruled that federal antitrust laws take precedence over the state’s right to regulate alcohol. The 21st Amendment, passed in 1933,…

Mar 2, 2006

Q&A Thurs: Can You Distill Down the Wine Shipping Issue?

Can you distill down the wine shipping issues into on paragraph so I can easily understand why it is so important? Are you suggesting I tend to go on…at length about wine shipping and wine legalities? To put it most succinctly: Technology, the changing relationship between consumers and companies, and the degradation of an old and corrupt system for wine distribution is forcing change in the way wine is sold. If the wine wholesalers are allowed to use their political…