A New Venue For Robert Parker

It’s not unprecedented but it is unusual. Robert Parker’s agreement to write a weekly column for Business Week Magazine is a fairly rare even for the most powerful wine critic on the planet. Since beginning publishing his Wine Advocate newsletter he has taken up very few gigs outside that venue. He wrote fleetingly for both Wine Enthusiast Magazine and for Food & Wine Magazine. But most of his efforts have gone into his newsletter.

So bringing on Parker to write a "wine of the week" type column is indeed a bit of a coup for BusinessWeek. And it’s good for Robert Parker too. If indeed it’s a small column that lists a few recommendations then it’s the kind of thing that Mr. Parker can probably pull off with very little effort. However, it brings a large group of decently heeled readers into his fold and many likely on to his subscription rolls.

I’ve always seen a bit of a tongue in cheek quality to Parker’s musings. One quote from the press release for this new partnership points to that quality:

"I am very excited about the opportunity to share my passion for the world’s finest wines and wine bargains with the readers of BusinessWeek. I have always believed no great business can be conducted without eventually serving the proper wine."

Now, while Parker most definitely will leave a legacy behind when he’s done reviewing wine, if he were able to convince the business community to pour more wine while doing business….well, that would be an EXTRA SPECIAL legacy.

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