Those Who Help the Cause

Just a reminder to those reading FERMENTATION that there is a cadre of folk who help the FERMENTATION Cause.

Check them out. Visit their websites and businesses.

They include:

A fantastic wine retailer located in the San Francisco Bay Area and on the Internet. They recently got serious props from the Wall Street Journal for just about everything they do in the store and on the Net.

The industry experts on how to sell wine on the Internet, IBG is breaking ground in every direction they go. And, we are very proud to work with IBG. Their blog however is one of the real jewels in their crown. If you are a winery or sell wine direct you must really check it out.

After changing the way wine tasting rooms approach the wine experience with their Sonoma Valley based RESERVE ROOM, Mayo Family Winery has opened a second RESERVE ROOM in Healdsburg. A simple but brilliant concept the Wall Street Journal called "An Awesome Experience: For $20 you get seven reserve wines delivered with seven amazingly prepared food pairings.

A new sponsor here at FERMENTATION. It’s a beautiful website filled to the brim with info on one of the country’s most important wine producing states that once was the leader in production. It’s clearly time to look beyond the usual suspects and investigate wine from "other states".

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