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Jun 16, 2006

Those Who Help the Cause

Just a reminder to those reading FERMENTATION that there is a cadre of folk who help the FERMENTATION Cause. Check them out. Visit their websites and businesses. They include: K&L WINE MERCHANTSA fantastic wine retailer located in the San Francisco Bay Area and on the Internet. They recently got serious props from the Wall Street Journal for just about everything they do in the store and on the Net. INERTIA BEVERAGE GROUPThe industry experts on how to sell wine on…

Mar 8, 2006

A New Voice For Wine Retailers

The battles over direct shipment of wine across state borders has largely been a fight between wineries and wine wholesalers, the former wanting the right to ship wine direct while the latter hoping to stop it all together. What’s been missing from the discussion has been the voice of wine retailers. That’s likely to change with the creation of the Specialty Wine Retailers Association. The creation of a number of companies that rely on direct shipping, SWRA will work to…