Bitch, Bitch, Grenache, Bitch Bitch…

The Feds used to be very very strict about what you could put on a wine label. No naked people, no health claims and not dirty words. It all seemed fairly reasonable to me as long as the good people who approved labels didn’t go overboard in their capacity as regulators.

It seems either there just aren’t enough people at the TTB to do their job or the rules have been relaxed in a serious way.

I concluded this upon seeing drinking my first bottle of BITCH…a cheeky little import from Australia which is produced by Chris Ringland of Three Rivers and imported by Aussie wine importer extraordinaire, Dan Philips of the Grateful Palate.

The back label is really quite extraordinary. It essentially repeats the word "Bitch" a good 50 times before advising that life’s a bitch then you drink some more.

The wine? It’s just fine. A fairly simple Grenache with good forward fruit, some earthy notes, decent acid and soft tannins. We chilled it down.

I clearly need to read up more on what constitutes an appropriate use of label space on wine according to the federal government.

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  1. St.Vini - July 17, 2006

    My understanding is that it depends on who reviews it. I know of wineries that have gotten rejected once, and resubmitted with zero changes and then received approval.
    Further, I’ve seen some with blatant errors that were obviously not checked very carefully. Probably, many of these TTB positions are clerical with high turnover.

  2. Mary Baker - July 17, 2006

    They tried to stop me from referring to merlot ‘berries’ on the premise that “consumers will think it is a berry wine.”
    They wouldn’t let me use the word ‘muscular’ on a back label. Maybe I would have more luck as a ‘muscular Bitch’?
    Whatever next?

  3. Tish - July 17, 2006

    It’s time for a Bitch vs. Ball Buster taste-off! Personally, I think this is exactly the kind of thing the Aussies have doen so well: attention-grabbing names that also let you know that while the wine is not to be taken too seriously, it has been carefully crafted (and labeled). Wines like these are a green light to just have fun.

  4. Tina - September 27, 2006

    Where can I find this btich wine? I live in Cleveland Ohio.
    The one place I know that sold it doesn’t have it anymore and doesn’t know if they can get it anymore.

  5. Drew Grainuk - March 19, 2007

    Check with your local distributor and ask them if they represent products from The Grateful Palate (importer), and if they carry Marquis Philips (other wine label done by Dan Philips). This will let you find out if they can get the Bitch Grenache. Once you have determined that they can (if they can), tell them to special order you some. Street Retail should be around $8-10.

  6. Strycher - Gen X in 2K - June 25, 2007

    Bitch Wine

    Now, seriously, why could someone not have introduced this wine to me a few months ago? This would have been perfect to have sitting out sometime when SHE came home to walk off with stuff. Maybe I will track down a bottle to hand to the Bitch when we…

  7. April D. Smith - January 6, 2008

    I have had the Bitch wine and I am interested purchasing a case. I purchased it before off of Highway 675 exit 1 in Georgia. Could you please help me find a retailer within the Marietta, GA area? My area code is 30060. Your asistance would be deeply appreciated( I want to buy cases of it)!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Amy - March 25, 2008

    A friend gave me a bottle of Bitch last night as a thank you. Gotta say, I love it. And the label is so clever and pretty. Definitely keeping the bottle.

  9. Carol C McCrite - April 18, 2008

    Can I get BITCH at Publix Super Market in FL Panhandle?

  10. Mark Hook - June 1, 2008

    I live in columbia sc I would like to know if ther is any place to buy the wine ine the area please let know Thanks

  11. MojoMax - September 17, 2010

    This wine is TERRIBLE. I don’t think that the name of it implies “life is a BITCH”, rather, “you will turn into a BITCH following its consumption” (as I have experienced this personally one late night drinking Bitch with friends at the Lamber Island Wine Mixer).

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