Blog Model Adapted For Wine Sales

I continue to be amazed at the various and new ways by which entrepreneurs are figuring out how to sell wine on the Internet. And I get the impression that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. is a new and pretty cool concept. We met them via their work with Inertia Beverage Group and have helped RadCru just a little bit with their upcoming launch of what looks to be very interesting.

What they are doing is pretty simple stuff: Offer one wine per day and sell it for 24 hours or until it runs out. That’s it. One wine for each day of the week (Friday’s offering goes through Saturday and Sunday)

The whole idea has a bit of a blog quality to it. It becomes a place for wine lovers to check into once a day to see what the story is. Then, return the next day to see what the next story is. They are planning to present their one-a-day-wine via e-mail, directly on the website and via your handy-dandy RSS feed.

The idea is not to discount to get people to buy the wine, but rather to offer something hard to find, something new, somethings small, something unique. And this is what I most liked about the concept, even more than the one-a-day. Let’s face it for wine lovers price is an issue, but not the main issue. The real thing is satisfying our urge for something that will intrigue us and take us farther down the path to wine oblivion.

I’ve seen a list of some of the wines they’ll be offering. It’s good. But again, it’s really a wine lovers’ world out here on the Internet. The amount of wine information, wine offers, wine people and…well…wine available to us is staggering. Given it all I for the life of me can’t figure out what the hell you are doing reading this blog. There’s so much more out there to consume (don’t get me wrong…my day is often framed by ways to keep you satisfied with your venture into the world of FERMENTATION.

So, go check out Sign up and see what they have to offer beginning July 10.

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  1. Fredric Koeppel - July 6, 2006

    I don’t think that works very well. You can’t even read about the site to find out what the scheme is until AFTER you sign up. Most people (certainly me) want to know what they’re signing up for before they click the sign-up button; the internet has taught us (rightfully) to be suspicious. From what you say, Tom, it sounds like a good idea, but they won’t get me to participate until they have an up-front home page that delivers the necessary information.

  2. Liz - July 6, 2006

    From the sounds of it, there is something very similar already happening…
    This has been very interesting to watch develop, especially given the popularity of Now just add in the complexity of direct shipping!

  3. Jeff Playter - July 11, 2006

    Hi Fermentation readers and Tom,
    Thanks for the plug and great discussion. RadCru is live we launched yesterday so please feel free to drop in and checkout our awesome wine offer.
    Jeff Playter

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