It’s All About Dry Rose

It’s all about Rose…Dry Rose.

As far as I’m concerned, if you aren’t drinking predominantly Dry Rose between mid June and the end of September then you just are living right.

It used to be that your choices in the category of Dry Rose were quite limited. Most of those available were made in mass quantities, were not that interesting and they probably had too much sugar in them. Sure, you had the Saintsbury’s and and others who make great Rose you could count on, but most of the others were afterthought bottlings.

That’s changed. Today a number of small batch Dry Roses are being produced across California that are just stunning. And of course, you can always go to the South of France to discover the original stuff, that salmon colored, dry, strawberry and citrus-laden jewels that made the heat of the summer down right inviting.

Jim Gordon of California Wine Web has written   what I think is really terrific account of the state of California Dry Rose as well as delivered with reviews a number of them. Go read…then, go find a warm corner of your yard and go drink.

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