LOTS of Merlot

Here’s the skinny on what I’ve been hearing about the upcoming harvest on the North Coast:


LOTS = Wow…that’s a lot of grapes you’ve got there.

One story that’s being passed around in Sonoma is that an Alexander Valley Grower with lots of Merlot planted dropped his price for the crop to $350 a ton. That’s nothing….And no one is buying it. And we aren’t talking about poor grapes either.

As a friend said to me recently, "you’re going to be seeing lots of merlot in your 2006 Zinfandel, in you 2006 Cabernet, in your 2006 White Zinfandel, in your Syrah and in just about any other red wine."

Last year’s harvest was said to be very very big. But it wasn’t big for all the varietals. We don’t know yet what this year’s total tonnage of grapes will be since the harvest has just started. But….there will be LOTS of merlot.

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  1. johng - August 31, 2006

    Tom, if you get me the name of that dude, I’m gonna clean out my garage and make some Merlot. Seriously. I’d buy a ton at that price.

  2. Rob Cole - September 1, 2006

    Crap, I’m buying grapes at $1/pound over here this year. $350 for a ton is next to free.

  3. Steve - September 5, 2006

    Hi Tom,
    Along similar lines, a friend of mine also said that the total amout of Pinot Noir wine produced in the past couple of years has surpassed the amount grown. There are definitely some low end Pinots that are more like Merlot than Pinot. I know there are variety crush statistics but are there varietal wine production statistics as well?

  4. Scott Gilman - April 14, 2008

    I know this question is probably off topic, but please assist. My daughter has been involved in making slushies for a school fundraiser. There was an accusation that the red slushies tasted like alcohol. Is it possible for the slushie mix to ferment or would the mix have to be spiked? The blue syrup was fine, no complaints. Any info regarding these sugary slushie syrups and fermentation would be great. Thanks

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