SURVEY: Why did you buy that wine?

Why did you buy that wine?

Why did you pay more for this wine?

These are questions that wine markers want answers to. The answers hit on your expectations, experiences and comfort level with wine. And I’m curious about those thing and how they relate to the fine readers of FERMENTATION.

So…It’s survey Time Again.


Your responses are 100% confidential. I don’t know who you are and no one else will know who you are.

Of course I’ll be posting the results for all to see. Thank you in advance!!


5 Responses

  1. wineguy - September 1, 2006

    The only part of the survey that I think will be a little off from my responses is the “on average how much do you spend on a bottle in the store?”
    I tend to purchase a lot of $3 and $4 wine for everyday drinking — mostly Australian. I also buy $30 and up bottles now and then. Is $15 my “average”? I very rarely buy a $15 bottle of wine. Hmmmm.

  2. Needz - September 1, 2006

    Maybe I’m missing something in the ‘set-up’ of this survey — Am I buying a wine I’ve never had before? — because the most important thing for me is the TASTE of the wine (i.e., how much taste and/or how interesting a taste does the wine deliver).

  3. tom - September 1, 2006

    Indeed, i am curious about those wines you’ve never tasted before. Thanks for pointing out the confusion.

  4. Tammy - September 4, 2006

    I agree with the wineguy. It can depend a lot of the situation. Am I eating out? Am I ordering on-line? Am I in a wine shop? Am I at the grocery store?

  5. matt - September 5, 2006

    You forgot one key item: importer. Seeing, say, Louis/Dressner or Kermit Lynch on a label is often what persuades me to take a chance on something new.

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