The Top Ten “Top Ten” In Wine

Decanter Magazine, that British icon of wine publishing, recently announced its list of Top Ten White Winemakers in the World. The fact that no American winemakers made the list prodded Charles Olken of the Connoisseurs Guide to California Wine, one of our best wine newsletters, to craft his own list: Top Ten White Wine Makers West of the Rockies. The List is very intriguing. Number three on the list, for example, is an inspired choice.

Anyone who doesn’t like crafting Top Ten lists just isn’t trying hard enough. Ranking things forces you to consider your priorities and to question well established assumptions. And, it gives the bold among us an intriguing way to show their cards.

So as not to be left out of the game, Here is my…

Top Ten List of "Top Ten Lists" About Wine
I’d Like To See Top Ten List Makers Tackle:

10. Top Ten Wine Wine Regions That Make the Best Vacation Spots

9. Top Ten Indispensable Wine Accessories

8. Top Ten Ways To Make a Living Drinking Wine

7. Top Ten American Winemaking Regions Outside the West Coast

6. Top Ten On-Line Wine Shops

5. Top Ten American Pinot Noir Producers Making Wine For 15 Years or Longer

4. Top Ten American Appellation Based on Quality

3. Top Ten Wine Blogs That Don’t Advocate Top Ten Lists

2. Top Ten Wine Regions That Need To Be Replaced with Track homes and Walmarts

1. Top Ten "Vintages Of The Century" in Bordeaux Since 1994


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  1. Jack - August 23, 2006

    “Decanter…recently announced its list of Top Ten White Winemakers in the World.”
    So, where’s this list, Tom?

  2. JohnLopresti - August 23, 2006

    Top secret sites near appellations but even better than appellation proper.
    Top family ranches in existence for at least 100 years now in or should be in grapes.
    Top mystical* white-wine maker, writer.

  3. Winecast - August 24, 2006

    Regarding Top 10 Lists

    As mentioned here in the past, Im a fan of Tom Warks FERMENTATION blog. Not only does he post often, he regularly is provocative in his views on the business of wine. From time to time he puts his tongue a bit in his cheek and posts Top 1…

  4. Rob Cole - August 24, 2006

    Top ten magnetic coasters to improve wines in a matter of minutes instead of years!!

  5. magneto - September 5, 2006

    top ten magnetic coasters to put over your ears john

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