What Does Stolen Wine Taste Like?

"The collection consisted of more than 600 bottles from every vintage of
the 18th century from the six Grand Cru castles of the French Bordeaux
region. The collection has been registered by Guinness Book of Records
for years as a unique wine collection."

This is the description of a wine cellar in Sweden that was cleaned out completely by thieves two nights ago.

"Every vintage of the 18th century" from the six grand cru Bordeaux Estates."

Could this haul every be fenced? Could this possibly be a robbery meant to result in the conversion of the goods into cash? Every legitimate auction house in the world will be on the look out for the 18th century wines. It’s unlikely that a single one will ever be sold via that route. And what’s the first think a retailer of old and rare wines will say to someone who walks in with a bottle of 1784 Chateau d’Yquem under their arm and offering for sale? "Where’d you get it. It’s not like they could have gotten this wine from many places that couldn’t be checked up on.

Many of the other, "younger" vintages might be sold off.

I wonder what stolen wine tastes like? It can’t be satisfying.

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  1. Winer - August 21, 2006

    600 bottles?! How did they get it out of there without being seen? You’re right, no auction house would touch them.

  2. Ynot - September 6, 2006

    Stolen wine, as anyone with limited funds knows, tastes sweeter….

  3. nonamer - January 26, 2012

    I would just drink that

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