Link of the Day: Wine Fairies Do Exist


Lynn Krielow Chamberlain might be the most prolific interviewer of wine folk in the world. Her Wine & Dine Radio has been broadcasting on the Internet weekly an over the airwaves for 8 years now. Her hourly show has attracted the top wine people in the world. What makes Lynn so engaging to listen to is the real enthusiasm she projects for the people and topics she covers on her show.

The website is an extension of her broadcast. The design is a tad chaotic but you’ll find  everything you need to know: who was on the show last week, who’s coming up, how to listen, all about Lyn, as well as an index of all the guests who have appeared on her show over the past eight years. It’s an impressive list to say the least. You’ll even find  few wine bloggers that have graced her show.

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