How I Got Rich By Drinking

From the looks of the various studies that have emerged over the past couple of decades you might conclude that drinking wine is the cure for all ills.

Now I’m thinking that drinking might also be the cure for stagnant wages.

A new study conducted by the Reason Foundation in Los Angeles has concluded that Drinkers make between 10% and 14% for income than non-drinkers. Furthermore, social drinkers (defined as those who go to a bar at least once per month) make an average of 7% more income on top of the boost they get simply for being drinkers.

Why simply drinking moderately gets you an extra 10% to 14% income is not clear. The authors of the study seem to think it might have to do with the fact that moderate drinkers tend to be healthier overall.

The income increase that comes from going to bars is linked to the notion of "Social Capital", another way of saying that by going out and socializing you mean more people, expand your circle of acquaintances and are more likely to benefit economically.

So how cool is this? Drink Wine Moderately=Live better.  Drink Moderately=Make More Money.
"Hit the Bars=Make Even More Money. So we’ve got our health. We’ve got our wealth. I guess all
we need are a couple of studies that show by drinking moderately we will be better looking and have more sex.

A press release and a link to the entire study can be found here: KA-CHING



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