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There are a large, and I mean really large, number of wine blogs on the Internet that specialize in celebrating the lesser priced wines…affordable wines, value wines, wines under $20, etc, etc. I’m going to be a little bit obnoxious here and suggest that the reason there are so many of these blogs is because the  average blogger simply doesn’t have much experience or access to more expensive or more COLLECTIBLE wines. These bloggers turn their current economic circumstances into their blog’s raison d’etre.

That’s fine.

But it has always struck me that there is a supreme lack of wine blogs that focus on the high end, the collector, the collectible wines. I suspect this is due to the fact that there are realistically very few folks who can talk on this subject authoritatively…essentially you have the opposite circumstance from those who blog about low end wines.

Enter The Wine Collector Blog.

A promotional/educational vehicle for a company called Vinfolio, The Wine Collector Blog has its sights set on delivering information about high end wines and the market for them. It’s a fairly new blog but they seem to want to do it right. They have been posting on a regular basis (daily, actually) since October and their info is very good. For example:

Top Ten California Wines Sold At Auction

Overall Top Ten Wines Sold At Auction

Wine Inspection Guidelines
Returning Faulty Wine to Retailers

The blog is written in the service of Vinfolio, a company that stores, purchases, valuates collections and sells wines. And not just any wines….The Good Stuff.

Vinfolio is one very serious high-end collectors and retail establishment backed by some heavyweights in the wine industry including Jean-Michel Valette and Chuck McMinn. It strikes me that a blog attached to this kind of service business is precisely what business blogging is perfect for. The Wine Collectors Blog is similar to Fermentation, Inertia’s REthink Wine Blog, WineLibraryTV and Mike Duffy’s Winery Website Report Blog…all blogs that have serious wine related business behind them.

That said, those interested in collecting wine and the ins and outs of procuring sought after wines will find The Wine Collector Blog a great asset.


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  1. Anonymous - November 14, 2006

    We have the experience just not loads of cash laying around to procure the wines sold in the highest selling auction year in recent history. If you are collecting wine on that levelyou are probably too busy being a CEO or the income equivelant to sit down and blog. We are the working class trying to understand wine and learn how to enjoy it. Access? Maybe not. Experience? I think so.

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