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Ken’s Wine Guide

The well-organized, informative independent wine guide on the Internet is not as common as you might think. In most cases the problem is with the organization. I was recently pointed to a good example of this kind of website that I’d come across before but hadn’t visited again.

Ken’s Wine Guide is the work of Ken Hoggins from Massachusetts. He’s been at it in one form or another since 1998.

Ken’s is a useful guide, particularly for folks looking for reliable recommendations backed by both ken and top reviewers across the country. But he’s not skimped on basic wine information either. Most of his tips relate directly to drinking (the fun stuff) rather than more arcane information.

Most recently Ken has posted his "Best Holiday Wines for 2006" and it’s worth a look. Another list on the site I found interesting was "The Top 50 Collectible Wines".

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