Careers In The Wine Industry

Wow…Talk about Niche Wine Blogging!

How about a wine blog run by a recruiter for the wine industry about jobs and working in the wine industry? That’s what Amy Gardner of Wine Talent has slowly (and quietly) started up at blog she calls "Career Advice In the Wine Industry".

I’ve never met Amy, but her embarking on creating a blog on careers in wine and working in the wine industry is brilliant, necessary and likely to bring her business down the road if she can maintain a steady stream of posts that offer good advise and insight. Amy is off to a good start with this revealing and thoughtful post on Mentors.

I must admit I’d never heard of  Amy’s recruiting firm that she runs out of Sacramento. This is likely because it’s fairly new and she started out specializing in the technical professions associated with wine.

I get contacted about 3 or 4 times a year by recruiting firms specifically to ask if I’d be interested in considering closing down Wark Communications and going to work for a company. I get contact a few more times by recruiters asking if I can refer them to someone for a specific position they are trying to fill. I always get a kick out of the latter type of request, especially if it results in a good match. The other kinds of calls ("Tom, if the position were right would you consider working for a single employer?) usually result in me finding out that I’d have to commute, drop all the clients we enjoy so much, take only a small raise if any, and buy a bunch of new suits.

That said, recruiters can be a huge asset to a person with special skills with drive and ambition. What Amy’s blog has the potential to do is be a resource for those numerous folks who are seeking to get into the wine industry. It looks like Amy knows what it takes to get a job and that kind of information, presented well and regularly on her blog, could result in a regular readership that will have a large contingent eventually thanking Amy for the advice they read on her blog.

It’s niche. But "Careers in the Wine Industry" could prove to be a great service.

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  1. Alfonso - January 17, 2007

    can you clone her and send her out here to the badlands?
    great to see and thanks for the heads up..

  2. Saint_Vini - January 17, 2007

    When asked if I can suggest others, my response is usually (paraphrased) “you want me to use my contacts to find a candidate for you? How much of your referral fee are you willing to give me for doing your job?” Strangely, they never call back…

  3. tom - January 17, 2007

    I’d call back. Plus, I’d give you a cut.

  4. G - February 25, 2008

    If my fiance Jeremy has never had experience in the wine industry, would he still have a chance of starting a career within the industry?

  5. rakesh venkatachalam - May 26, 2008

    i am rakesh from INDIA.i have a great passion to know much about the wine industry which i am not much familiar,and i want to make my career in it..can anyone guide me for the future.

  6. preeti mehendale - January 4, 2010

    me n my friends are studying post graduation in wine techno. from Nasik,India.we would like to do our training in winery in france.if you can help us in giving the information & contact details for the same.
    thank u.

  7. Wine Jobs - June 14, 2011

    Great info!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Cheers 🙂

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