Wine Blog Awards News: Last Day To Nominate

Today is the final day to submit nominations for the American Wine Blog Awards. Once the nomination process is over we will collate the nominations in all seven categories and send them over to the judges who will then proceed to determine the four finalists in each category.

What that means is if you want to nominate a blog that has not yet been nominated, today is the day to do it. Links to all the categories for nomination are on the left sidebar.

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  1. Monrovino - January 17, 2007

    I nom i nate
    Gary Vay ner chuk

  2. Josh - January 18, 2007

    By the way, who are the judges Tom?

  3. MG - January 18, 2007

    Great writing!

  4. Manuel - January 18, 2007

    Great writing at

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