Wine Blog Awards News: Update #1


It appears the nomination process is off to a good start. About 150 nominations in seven categories have been offered.


Yesterday we used BusinessWire to send out a press release on the Awards. BusinessWire is the top media distribution company in America, issuing well over 1000 press releases per day into the mailboxes of journalists and Investment Research types.

It turns out, as I write, that this release on the American  Wine Blog Awards is is the 4th most read press release issued by BusinessWire.  My account rep at BusinessWire, the very astute Dennis Staller, tells me this is a great accomplishment and likely a result of the release written perfectly for search engine optimization.

Perhaps. I like like to think it’s because there is a thirst out their for information about and directions to great wine blogs and wine information.

The three press releases that have been read more often are from Northwest Airlines announcing new routes, from a company called G-Tech having something to do with MacWorld, and an announcement by SanDisk about their first Pocket Videoplayer. Oh…right below us on the list of most read releases? A press release noting that the president of Disney will be giving the Keynote address at the ongoing Consumer Electronics Show…We Beat the Mouse.

We’ll be sending out another release when the finalists are announced and of course when the winners are announced.

If you are reading this and have not yet nominated any blogs in the seven categories you see listed on the left of this page, please do so! If the blog is not nominated, it will not be considered by the judges to be a finalists.

THANK all those who have participated to this point.


My account representative tells me as of noon our release hit #2 on BusinessWire’s most-read press release. And we’re still ahead of The Mouse.

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  1. Mike Duffy - January 10, 2007

    If you’re looking for suggestions for Best Winery Blog, you can find a (hopefully) complete list of winery blogs to choose from here:
    I’m carefully considering my nomination for this category, which has grown explosively since last year. It will be fun to see who wins.
    Thanks, Tom for creating this category (and these awards)!

  2. Mike Duffy - January 10, 2007

    Ooops! Please make that

  3. Cru Master - January 11, 2007

    with so many new blogs appearing from day to day, would it not be an idea to create a Best New Wine Blog award?

  4. Alecia - January 15, 2007

    I’d like to nominate Wine Outlook for Best Overall Wine Blog

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