Wine Blogs Into the LIght?

Maybe Wine Blogs are moving out of the realm of relative obscurity and into the light.

The Q&A linked to above ran in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat here in the heart of Wine Country, a locale that probably has more interest in things wine than other area’s of the country. Yet as we know, folks around the America are thinking more and more about their home towns as "Wine Country".

While I didn’t pitch the idea to the newspaper of having this Q&A, I can see wine bloggers around the U.S. making contact with editors at their local daily and letting them know that a member of a growing sub-group of bloggers is right in their back yard. Wine Bloggers: Consider reaching out and help raise the tide.

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  1. Mike Duffy - January 22, 2007

    Nice bit of press – congratulations!

  2. Sonadora - January 23, 2007

    Nice article. And hilarious, cause I’m sitting here in my pjs sipping my wine and writing my next post. But about some Dry Creek Valley Sauvignon Blanc instead of Russian River Pinot Noir 😉

  3. Mary B. - January 24, 2007

    Great coverage, Tom! And I took your advice and fired off a note to our local newspaper.

  4. Catie - January 24, 2007

    I did just that. In May of 2006, I sent an email to my local daily. I received my 15 minutes of fame (actually more) and a front page article with headline and photo.

  5. marisa d'vari - January 24, 2007

    Great going, Tom. I actually posted an excerpt when I caught news of your interview. It’s here:

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