Wine On The Tube

It’s a big question for wine industries in states other than CA, OR and WA. Their wines are very, very good. Their winemaking institutions and winemakers are sophisticated. They are learning quickly what grows best where. People in their home states are beginning to discover and support these industries. So, what’s an industry to do to build on this expansion and surge in recognition?

One answer is go Mass Media.

That’s what, according to this story, the Ohio Grape Industries Committee did in 2006. During the year the OGIC spent upwards of $725,000 on local television advertising. And according to those involved, it worked.

During the run of the TV commercials sales at the wineries were up.

More importantly, this kind of promotion actually puts the words and idea "Ohio Wine" in the minds of all those who experienced the spots. Simply seeing these TV ads gives folks the idea that "Ohio wine must be something to consider." It’s the power of mass media communications. You can’t judge the results simply by sales related to the promotion. You have to try to factor in the impact on the psyche of the viewer.

Speaking directly to Ohio’s wine drinkers, however, is very important. Acceptance of something is something that spreads from the center outward. First Ohioans must be convinced their State’s wines are worthy and are competitors with those from California, France, Spain and Australia. That leads to the creation of Brand Ambassadors who take these wines with them outside the State, talk up the wines to others, which in turn gives retailers and restaurants the confidence to carry them on the menu.

There are other state wine industries out there that, given the money and commitment, could benefit from this kind of aggressive approach to building a local wine industry: Missouri, Michigan, Virginia, Texas, to name but a few.

Congrats to the Ohio Wine Industry for their far thinking and progressive strategy to widen the appeal of their State’s wines.

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  1. Greg Stricker - January 2, 2007

    Missouri has an excellent wine industry that revived in the 1970’s to produce world-class wines. Of interest to note is that Missouri passed Ohio to become the #2 wine-producing state (New York was #1) in 1870 and held that position for many years.

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