Some “Scum of the Earth” With that Wine?

I’m not sure how much satisfaction will be gained by those who lost wine in the 2005 Vallejo warehouse fire that destroyed millions of dollars of old and new wine as a result of the news that a Sausalito, California man has been charged with arson in the case.

Nonetheless, if Mark Anderson is guilty as  charged and if he is forced to pay for his deeds that will be some measure of justice. It just won’t bring back wineries’ entire vintages or twenty years worth of library wines that were lot in the the 2005 blaze.

If guilty of all the charges against him then I think we can say in an objective manner that this person is "scum of the earth"….a technical term for…scum of the earth.

Images of what this act of arson resulted in can be found HERE.

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  1. Randy - March 20, 2007

    And the allegation that he embezzled wine in order to sell or auction it himself was nasty; the allegation that he burned the Vallejo warehouse to cover that up is particularly galling.
    Makes me want to have a wine cave drilled out to keep my stash safe.

  2. Paul Mabray - March 20, 2007

    The wine destruction was a key loss but to me the two fireman that were hurt from this activity was the worst part and really make this guy scum if he is guilty.

  3. Dan Cochran - March 21, 2007

    If these allegations are true, he is a waste of oxygen. I still think that hangings in the towne square would reduce the rate of serious crime.

  4. Catie - March 22, 2007

    Well, innocent until proven guilty. Either way he will still have access to wine, but in prison they name it “Pruno.”

  5. David Graves - March 25, 2007

    And he’s out on $500,000 bail…

  6. - July 3, 2013

    Yiyi said: You know my character, I do not accept other people’s money, her boyfriend can not.

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