Wine Blogging’s Coming Out at the James Beard Awards

It’s a big year for Tyler Colman of the Dr. Vino Wine Blog.

First he takes home Best Overall Wine Blog and Best Writing on a Wine Blog at the American Wine Blog Awards and now he finds his blog nominated in the "Best Website Focusing on Food, Beverage, Restaurant or Nutrition" at the prestigious James Beard Awards." (PDF)

A couple other nominations really pleased me. Wine & Spirits Magazine once again had one of its authors nominated. This time is was for Fiona Morrison’s article, "Chambolle-Musigny" in the "Best Magazine Writing of Spirits, Wine or Beer" category.  Wine & Spirits seems to a consistent nominee at these awards.

It was also nice to see the San Francisco Chronicle ‘s Food & Wine section nominated in the "Best Newspaper Section" category. This is a nice achievement for Jon Bonne, the Wine Section’s new editor who took over the wine section last year.

On a personal note, I was disappointed that did not receive any nominations. Yes, I work with them. But I think unarguable that some of the most progressive and insightful wine writing in 2006 came out of that site.

For wine bloggers and readers of wine blogs you’ve got to be happy for Tyler Colman of Dr. Vino not only because a really fantastic writer is getting recognition but also because it suggests that wine blogs are fully part of the wine writing establishment–something many of us have know for a long time–and their status is being recognized through this nomination. Congratulations to Tyler.

I’m not sure how I missed it but king of Wine Podcasts, GRAPE RADIO, was also nominated for a James Beard Award in the Best Webcast Category. It was a long list, so I’ll give myself that out for not mentioning it. Congrats to Brian Clark and Jay Selman! The Wine Blogosphere is cooking.

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  1. Thomas - March 21, 2007

    Did Appellation America pay to be eligible for a nomination? I bet if they paid the fee, they’d be a nominee.
    While it’s great to see blogs getting some recognition in James Beard, I think it important to note that it’s not like judges pulled the names of the best blogs out and nominated them. The owners of said blogs need to enter.
    Still a nice accomplishment, but let’s not get carried away.

  2. Tish - March 21, 2007

    Not to take anything away from Jon Bonne, who is a very good writer and whose best Chronicle wine editing is likely still to come, but I have to think that the nomination is based in large part on Linda Murphy’s work there. If I’m not mistaken, she was the editor well into Fall of 2006.

  3. for sure - March 22, 2007

    Thomas is right, you have to enter. Usually publications nominate their writers, and themselves. But still, it means he must have made a persuasive case. Maybe all bloggers should nominate themselves next year, just to see what happens. Of course, the J.B.A.’d love that. More money for their little, exclusive cheffie dinners at the J.B. house.

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