TOP TEN LIST: Places To Drink Wine


-In a 102 degree hot tub on a cool spring evening

-At the edge of an old Petanque court watching old men play the game and smoke their Gauloise

-In the skybox overlooking 3rd base

-From a table at the cafe at the Piazza della Republica in Florence

-Direct from the barrel in an underground aging cellar

-From a tumbler, in a comfortable leather chair, watching Godfather & Godfather II back to back

-In your car, in the parking lot and out of the bottle while preparing to attend  your cousins 4th white wedding where cousin Derrik will give the same toast as he did the last two times before he break dances to Billy Idol’s "White Wedding".

-Sitting on a lake shore at dusk waiting for the fish to take the bait.

-At a long dimly lit table, surrounded by many friends with nothing to celebrate other than a dimly lit table surrounded by many friends

-In a plane, with your significant other, with nothing but two weeks ahead of you.

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  1. Randy - March 16, 2007

    I like your list, but I would say that my favorite is sitting on the back deck at the ranch house, watching the sun sink behind Bennett Mountain, then watching the sky turn every shade of orange, red and purple.
    Yeah, that’s pretty nice.

  2. Cru Master - March 20, 2007

    I like the friends sitting around a dimly lit table one!
    Sitting in the bushveld with the african sun setting is also pretty inspiring.

  3. Wine Boy! - March 23, 2007

    Drinking wine from afar, through a narrow cleft in the gray westward
    hills, the explorer’s eye leaped out over a bottomless
    gulf to a glimpse of shining leagues midway of the
    desert greatness — an ever widening triangle that rise
    against the peaceful west to long foothill reaches, to a
    misty mountain parapet, far-beckoning, whispering of
    secrets, things dreamed of, unseen, beyond the framed
    and slender arc of vision. A land of enchantment and
    mystery, decked with strong barbaric colors, blue and
    red and yellow, brown and green and gray; whose
    changing ebb and flow, by some potent sorcery of
    atmosphere, distance and angle, altered, daily, hourly;
    deepening, fading, combining into new and fantastic
    lines and shapes to melt again as swiftly to others yet
    more bewildering.

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