Via Con Dios

FERMENTATION is going on hiatus for a couple weeks for reasons I’ll get to in a second. However, I have cued up some posts that will arrive here in my absence and that will test your knowledge of the world of wine. So, in advance I encourage you to enjoy.

Why will FERMENTATION be going on Hiatus? There are a number of good reasons. Let me outline them here:

Reason # 1.

Reason # 2:

Reason #3:


Reason #4:

Reason #5

Via Con Dios!

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  1. Larry in Ohio - April 4, 2007

    Are you sure you’re not shilling for Corona instead of the Specialty Wine Retailers Association? Enjoy your trip, and be careful of the Ice Cubes!

  2. Fredric Koeppel - April 4, 2007

    I think we get the idea. and yer not even taking a laptop? have fun!

  3. Mark Fisher - April 5, 2007

    I don’t know, Tom, those photos just aren’t convincing enough. Are your SURE you want to take this trip? I mean, just THINK of everything you’ll be missing back home …

  4. Saint_Vini - April 5, 2007

    Spring break & Mexico……you’re either helping to film the 2007 edition of Girls Gone Wild or you’ve accepted an all-expense paid trip from WSWA.

  5. Randy - April 5, 2007

    Have fun down south, stay out of trouble!

  6. WineBoy! - April 5, 2007

    Peace and Chicken Grease!
    over out.

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