10 Things I learned on My Trip to New Jersey

10 Things I Learned On My One Day Trip To New Jersey

1. Seat mates on airplanes don’t mind as much if it’s white wine that is spilled on their suit.

2. It’s very difficult to bribe a airline ticket counter agent…even if you offer a smile along with money.

3. New Jersey wine retailers are very cool folks who understand the stakes for themselves and consumers when it comes to the issue of direct shipment of wine.

4. Bad service in a restaurant diminishes the taste of the food.

5. The Newark Airport smells much different than the Phoenix airport.

6. Gary Vaynurchuk looks exactly like he does on Wine Library TV.

7. Three out of four seat mates on an airplane, upon finding out you work in the wine industry, will ask for a recommendation on a good wine at a good price. That percentage is decreased if you spill wine on them.

8. US Airways selection of wine could be much much better.

9. Vegas is by far the best city in America to fly over at night.

10. Arriving back home from a trip at 4am is better than leaving the house for a trip at 4am.

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  1. Terry Hughes - May 24, 2007

    Not much about da Garden State itself. Omerta’?
    Here’s a sad fact: most restaurants are BYOB because liquor licenses are outrageously expensive and highly limited in number. I think this sad fact has something to do with the quality of food at those restaurants. ‘Stu gatz!

  2. Wine Boy! - May 24, 2007

    New Mexico is even worse,… not allowing BYOB! So take it! Ooops

  3. Wine Boy! - May 24, 2007

    New Mexico is even worse,… not allowing BYOB! So take it! Ooops

  4. Kathleen - May 25, 2007

    I love Wine Library TV! Thanks again for the important work you do for wine lovers and those that make their livelihoods from the industry.
    Wine and Stories from the Vineyard Blog – http://www.myspace.com/gamay/

  5. el jefe - May 25, 2007

    re #2: Home made chocolate chip cookies work.

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