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Ok. Get this!

A new website. Users buy "stock" in particular vintages of wine. Wines in your portfolio are valued based on various prices for the wine across the Internet. It’s a game. Whoever has the highest current increase in cellar value wins.

A friend of mine related to me his encounter with a person who is apparently building this website.They are serious about it, probably because it’s not too hard to program and it hasn’t been done yet. This seems to be the criteria for "cool" in the world of websites these days.

Let me be the first to say that this would be mighty cool.

Imagine how much of a wine geek you’d have to be to actually win at this game. You’d have to be the conductor on the Wine Geek Express.   That bit of astonishment aside, what would you have in your portfolio? That is to say, which wines do you believe will go up in price the fastest?

I’m not sure anymore. When I worked with Winebid.com, the on-line auction house, I probably could have won the damn thing. Not so much now.

Would you load up on the new limited CA pinot maker or Napa Valley cab maker? Or would you look to the current hot vintage from a reliable old world appellation?

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  1. el jefe - June 18, 2007

    Nah – aim high and go for the longshots – like Calaveras County or Long Island or something…

  2. Kathleen - June 18, 2007

    I just stumbled upon this great video of the Nantucket Wine Festival. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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