Wine Biz On The Radio

It’s my monthly stint on local radio today. I’ll be co hosting with "KAZ" Kasmier on KSVY’s "Wine Biz" radio show.

Fun stuff, only partly serious, a good way to pass an hour while you are working.

Time: 1pm
Date: Today (June 18)
Station: KSVY (Listen Here)

I’m never sure what the topic of the day is going to be when I’m on Kaz’s show. Kaz, of course, has a unique insight into the wine biz having been a winemaker and winery owner for many years. I often find myself talking about direct shipping or public relations or marketing or just commenting on the wine news of the day.

So, if you choose to listen and want to talk about something wine related or wine biz related, just call in.


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