A Chance To Take Down The Munchkin

One of the very best (meaning fun) winery events I’ve ever attended was the Roshambo Rock-Paper-Scissors World Championships. As Virginie Boone at WineAbout Blog points out, there was fear that Roshambo would not be able to carry on with this contest of skill, wit and intuition after having sold their winery to Silver Oak.

Naomi Brilliant wouldn’t let that happen.

The 5th Annual Roshambo Rock-Paper-Scissors World Championships is set for October 6th at the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, California.

I’ve competed in this event before. I even trained for it…a little. When it came my time to throw my fist into the fray I was soundly defeated by what appeared to be a 10 year old boy with some sort of supernatural intuition. I did not think it possible that he would know my plan to always throw paper. The little savant however threw scissors every single time. I was outwitted by a munchkin. THAT WON’T HAPPEN AGAIN!

Despite that setback, it turned out that getting a little tanked up on Roshambo Zin and SB and competing with a ten year-old on the Rock-Paper-Scissors battleground turned out to be loads of fun. I recommend this event highly.

The folks at Roshambo have not lost their edge after selling their amazing facility to Silver Oak. Anyone who knows Naomi never thought she would. It struck me she’d either get out of the business altogether or carry on valiantly, slashing her way through the sometimes mind-numbing baroqueness that can be the wine industry.

The other good news is that Roshambo has joined a co-op tasting room right here in my own Sonoma Valley. Roshambo wines can be found at Cornerstone Gardens, a very cool stop at the entrance to the Valley that includes not only a tasting room but some very cool and weird shops, not to mention a smart cafe.

So, put it down on your calendar:
5th Annual Roshambo Rock-Paper-Scissors World Championships
October 6th
Flamingo Resort Hotel
2777 4th Street, Santa Rosa , CA

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