All Is Good In The World

Roger Clemons is testifying in front of Congress on steroids use in baseball.

Barry Bonds is effectively out of baseball.

My beloved San Francisco Giants are predicted to come in last place.

But none of that matters…


All is good in the world.

Just as the coming of spring is the moment when hope takes over for vineyard owners who see a new growing season rapidly approaching, so too is the opening of  baseball’s spring training camps the time when I imagine that for the first time in my life my San Francisco Giants just might win the world series…for the first time in my lifetime.

I can’t even begin to imagine the appropriate wine to open were such an event to take place. I suspect there really isn’t a wine that could be opened that actually conveys the importance that moment would have.

Sweet Victory At Last…suggests a Yquem. But even the sweet golden brown glare off an older d’Yquem would be a pale offering to the baseball Gods.

Vindication After The 54 Year Wait…suggests a 1954 First Growth: Perhaps the luck it would take finding a 1954 First Growth that is drinkable would be appropriate given the luck it will take for the Giants to win the world Series this year.

Ah…it doesn’t matter. I’ll hope in spite of the fact no wine could do the trick in the event my dream comes true. My thirst for a Giants World Series victory can only be quenched by seeing my team receive that coveted trophy. And even if they fail (again) this year to make my dreams come true, I nonetheless can dream, just as the hopeful wine growers start to do this time of year.

All is good.


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  1. JohnLopresti - February 13, 2008

    Hi, Tom, Given the bleak choice between Ebbetts Field and downIsland Giants Stadium, there were only a few options in the era when the oversize Gs could reach the playoffs but never seem to top the series at season’s end. Then the Gs and Dodge’s scrambled and left town, evidently taking several newspapers with them, as the industry consolidated. Hear tell, there may have been a jetSet mogul accustomed to midnite flights to Madeira island for truly binnable dessert wines by the wooden crateload in those years; the kindly patrician may have air-hopped into yet another dessert wine region which in those years was renowned for having export laws so strict certain labels were legitimate only for in-country consumption, and were banned from export. One such famous flor sherry manufacture is located in an appellation called Jerez. Instead of an Yquem, my suggestion would be something possibly nearly as pricey, but possibly as rare and distinctly outside the ordinary organoleptic experience in modern CA. For more information, here is a link to the history of the Iberian region known for the flor process:

  2. Lee Stipp - February 13, 2008

    Go Giants! 0-0 may be the only look at .500 or better all season.
    Just play the kids, get over the “superstar marketing” team and re-build the minors with some scrappers who play as a team and win with good fundamental baseball.
    Oh yeah, and just BEAT LA!

  3. Arthur - February 13, 2008

    I’ve been listening to the Congressional Hearings while I work and McNamee is total sheister! Correspondence school PhD and all!

  4. winehiker - February 13, 2008

    One of the true harbingers of Spring that I tend to notice (in addition to the onset of Spring Training) is when acacia trees begin to bloom. On the drive in to work today, I couldn’t help but smile as I saw one decked out in its bright yellow raiment.
    Your dream is my dream, Tom. And I’ve been waiting since ’58!

  5. Marco - February 14, 2008

    They don’t make them like Willy Mays anymore.

  6. Mr SHY - February 14, 2008

    I’ll cheer your Giants if you shout for my Phillies. Having either in the Series would be a pleasant surprise – but who cares – anything is possible in spring!

  7. Thomas Pellechia - February 14, 2008

    Yeah, well, California took two New York teams and made them soft–right, Marco?

  8. Lee Stipp - February 14, 2008

    It seems they left and did well for themselves. I believe the Mets have been a good story in their wake.
    I’m not sure what you mean by soft. There’s nothing soft about a Giants v. Dodgers game.
    Sorry if you were betrayed, but it was over 50 years ago. Got to let it go, man.

  9. Thomas Pellechia - February 14, 2008

    If I took this stuff serious I’d commit myself. Guess I should have used a 😉
    Having said that, the only time the Ca. branch of the Dodgers excited me was while they still had some of the Brooklyn leftovers…

  10. johng - February 15, 2008

    Mr. SHY, with respect – do you follow baseball? The Giants are an aging club with two good young starters but no closer and an offense that is Triple A at best; they are one of the worst teams in baseball. The Phillies have great young talents like Ryan Howard and won their division last year. Were it not for the Mets aquisition of Johan Santana, and the Phillies signing of ex-Giant Pedro Feliz, who can put a whole team into a month-long slump, they would be a favorite to get to the series.
    That said, Little League practice starts tomorrow, and that’s the best day of the year.

  11. Marco - February 16, 2008

    I was a Yankee fan in Rhode Island, now I could care less. However, when the Polo Grounds and Ebbetts Field were dozed under, part of baseball died with that. It may seem ludicrous, but I believe it to be true. It’s amazing Yankee Stadium is still there, but not for long.

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