The 2008 American Wine Blog Awards are just around the corner.

It was truly a pleasure to institute these awards last year as it gave the world a chance to recognize the best of the wine blogging world. I’ve always believed that formal recognition of quality leads to better and better quality.

I wanted to explain just a few minor changes to this year’s process.

First, it will be very similar to last years. As you’ve noticed, I’ve retained the name, "American Wine Blog Awards" despite a few calls to have it chanced. While I appreciate the reasons for the suggested removal of the term "American", it still makes sense to me. Call me stubborn.

Second, I’ve simply not figured out a way to judge the quality of wine blogs not written in English. So, we will continue to honor blogs produced anywhere in the world, but they must be in English.

We will be adding an 8th award category this year. You’ll see it when the nominations are up. It is a category I believes is worth considering because the type of blogging it includes is somewhat specialized, yet I think very important. At least it is in this blogger’s eyes.

Finally there is the issue of voting for the winners. As with last year, we will have four finalists that are determined by a panel of judges. Again, like last year, the public will vote for one blog in each category. However, this year we will also have a panel of judges that are also voting for one winner in each category. The public voting will be have a 70% weighting in determining the winner, while the panel of judges will have a 30% weight.

I simply wanted to inject a small element of objectivity to the final voting process and overcome any possible ballot stuffing. I didn’t see it happen last year, but I just wanted to take precautions.

So, there it is. The nomination process should begin in just a few days.

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6 Responses

  1. Ken - February 11, 2008

    This should be fun. Looking forward to the process and evaluating other sites and ideas

  2. Robert McIntosh - February 12, 2008

    thanks for organising this

  3. Morton Leslie - February 12, 2008

    I was hoping they could be rated on a 100 point scale with preference given to flowery language and flashy graphics. Special awards should be considered for the blogger who has described a wine using the greatest number of fruits, spices, and household chemicals.

  4. Benjamin Saltzman - February 12, 2008

    Believe it or not, I concur with Morton.
    Benjamin Saltzman
    Wine Reviews at Chateau Petrogasm

  5. 1WineDude - February 14, 2008

    Aw, man, I never even *thought* about going the household chemicals route!
    Hint of “eco-friendly Citrus Clean high-efficiency dishwasher machine liquid detergent,” anyone?

  6. Thomas Pellechia - February 14, 2008

    I have come across wines that could have doubled as wood varnish, but when I went back to buy them they were usually all sold out–cult following, I was told…

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