It’s (frog’s) LEAP DAY!!!

Today is really a bonus, isn’t it? I mean, is today an extra day? Are we living on granted time today it being Leap Day and all? I really can’t figure it out. From what I understand, today—FEB 29—is added to the calender because we, as a people, choose to use poor mathematics in mapping out our calender. Today is like that little "R2" that that 1st graders use when learning division: Today accounts for the "remainder minutes" that are left over during the past 4 years.

Nevertheless and despite all that, It seem appropriate on this day to honor one of the cooler wineries in Northern California: FROG’s LEAP.

There are a TON of things to like about Napa Valley’s Frog’s Leap besides their having the best label in the American wine industry. Among them:

1. Their wines are so well priced it’s as though they never noticed that it’s not 1990 any more.

2. They make an astoundingly good Rose.

3. Owner John Williams has presided over the creation of what might be the "greenest" winery in Napa Valley.

4. They are such die hard Giants fans they actually put the opening day on their events page on the web.

5. All their grapes are grown organically. I don’t know if this accounts for the quality of their wines, but I do know it means they must pay much greater attention to the vineyard. That’s a good thing.

In some respects Frog’s Leap Winery is "old school" in that it has been around for over 25 years. So many wineries today are the toast of the town in part because they are new which means wineries like Frog’s Leap don’t get the attention they deserve. But today is there day. Today is Leap Day. In the wine business it really should be known as (Frog’s) LEAP DAY.

Go visit their website. Buy a killer bottle of wine and celebrate this extra 24 hours you have been given by the time-keeping powers that be.

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  1. Enrique Benavide - February 29, 2008

    Sorry, I visited Frog’s Leap once & was treated horribly. Sure it was a busy weekend, I understand, but that’s not a reason to be rude. Because of this I would never ever buy any wine from this winery.

  2. Morton Leslie - March 1, 2008

    No retail operation operates to 100% satisfaction, but I suspect that it is Frog’s Leap’s every intention to do so. I cannot think of any nicer person, anyone more generous, or anyone who is more fun to be around in the wine business than John Williams. And his “green tie” party every four years? No one does it like John. As he so aptly put it 25 years ago, “Times fun when catching flies.”

  3. Jenna - March 4, 2008

    Yes, the “Green Tie” Frog’s Leap Leap Year Ball… Unbelievable!! The stuff that legends are made of. A few of my friends said, “You’re driving all the way up to Napa just for a party?” (I live in Paso Robles)
    I said, “Oh, it’s not JUST a PARTY!”

  4. ses33 ads - June 12, 2008

    macielter…. stop looking for me

  5. kju dde - June 12, 2008

    mind you’re own business

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