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At the moment, all but one of the Wine Blog Award categories are experiencing very tight races. This is a turn of events I did not expect. However, I am somewhat happy things are turning out this way to this point. In one of the categories all four finalists have had the lead by a 15% margin…twice. I must say it is fun to watch. By the end of today we will have upwards of 1000 votes.

In a fit of wonderful tongue-in-cheek bravado, combined with not a little earnestness, Jill at Domain 547 has created the antithesis of the "American Wine Blog Award FINALIST" badges you see on most finalists’ blogs.  Jill has put Domaine 547’s mascot, Budo Kun, to work endorsing an "Official Reject" Badge for use by all those that were not finalists in the Wine Blog Awards. As the perfectly androgynous Budo Kun says on the badge, "You Stink, and I approve!".

Any wine blogger not chosen as a finalist is welcome to download the bad and proudly apply it to their own blogs. You can get the badge HERE.

A vigorous discussion erupted over at Open Wine Consortium about women and wine blogging. The question at hand was, where are the women wine bloggers, are they taken as seriously as men and do the American Wine Blog Awards representative of the Female Wine Blogger Community. Not having done any survey of the representation of women in the wine blogging community, I can’t say really respond to any of these questions. However, it is true that 5 of the 21 blogs that are finalists in the Wine Blog Awards are administered by women. I’m not sure what that means.


The public voting in the American Wine Blog Awards will end at 12:01 on Saturday, March 29. Determination of the winners will be 70% from the public vote and 30% from a vote of a panel of judges.

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  1. Elaine - March 26, 2008

    Woman Wine Blogger here. We do exist, but I guess since I wasn’t nominated I need the “I suck” badge. =(

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