Bring On the Swim-Up Wine Bar

Ok…so Francis Ford Coppola got shot down on his desire to erect two lovely lighted pyramids on his Rosso & Bianco Winery (formerly Chateau Souverain) in Sonoma County. (Personally, I think the demise of this particular aesthetic element of his new Sonoma winery is a shame…Who doesn’t like a lighted pyramid?) However, it’s not as though the director of the greatest American movie ever made, winery owner, restaurateur and father of the woman that ruined Godfather III doesn’t retain big plans for this new facility north of Healdsburg. Behold the plans:

-Coppola’s Rosso & Bianco Winery on four parcels covering 76 acres

-It include a 900-foot bandshell and stage that would host live
music, theater and other events

-It will have a 2,000-square-foot dance floor for
128 people

-It will provide a 257-square-foot refreshment bar

-There will be a split-level swimming
pool with a capacity of 175 people and 33 cabanas

-The Project includes a 1,430-square-foot outdoor restaurant with 44 seats near the pool

-Allowed are 18 special outdoor events a year, one of which would be for up to 3,000 guests.
I’m sort of hoping that this pool project at the winery will include a swim-up wine bar. One of my favorite past times on Mexican vacations is taking a slow swim up to the bar, saddling up on a submerged stool, requesting a couple shots of tequilla with a nice beer chaser, slowly waddle back through the water to my cabana by the pool, all in preparation for my next visit to the swim up bar about an hour later.

To think that I could do this all in Sonoma County gets me kind of thirsty!

Bring it on, Francis!


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  1. Thomas Pellechia - April 22, 2008

    “Father of the woman that ruined Godfather III.” I love it.
    Of course, I wasn’t thrilled with G II either, but I’m just a sequel hater, and to bring that thought to wine: sequels are like trying to make a great wine greater–what’s wrong with enjoying just great?

  2. Tom Wark - April 22, 2008

    I’m going to pretend you didn’t just say that about Godfather II, the second greatest film ever made. Oh my lord!!!

  3. Thomas Pellechia - April 22, 2008

    Didn’t hold a candle to G I. But of course, my background and connections remained in New York–read my last name again–never made it to Vegas, so I wouldn’t know about that…

  4. Fredric Koeppel - April 24, 2008

    what a rip-off! here’s an image of the Pyramid Arena in Memphis (now empty, but that’s another story):

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