Give Me More Data!

If you’ve not taken the ELECTRONIC WINE SURVEY yet I urge you to. I want to get a really good sample of readers to make sure the results are meaningful.

The survey on your relationship with wine and the Internet will take no more than 3 minutes. Your response are 100% confidential.


Thanks so much!


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  1. Mark Spangler - April 25, 2008

    Just filled it out. Hope it help!
    Also just saw your post on John Adams… it was a great 7 weeks of television on HBO!

  2. Mark Spangler - April 25, 2008

    Now if only getting data from wineries was this easy…

  3. TH - April 25, 2008

    Only for you, Tom C. Wark.

  4. alkaseltzer - April 25, 2008

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