Nakedness & Having Your Way With Wine Blogs


The following comment was recently posted on the Fermentation post that announced
the American Wine Blog Winners:

You have a very nice blog. I enjoy the information and access to other blogs.
I’m a new blogger… have you seen the naked woman on the newest Imagine Wine label? Check out It is beautiful. I tasted the wines recently at the Santa Ynez Vintners Festival too and the wine is good and a great value, but has to be bought off the internet.

I get this a lot. Folks posting seemingly flattering comments with a suspicious plug for their own winery or wine product or blog, or even not so suspicious plugs but very blatant plugs. I understand why it’s done. Believe me, I do.

But here’s a hint for those of you who want exposure on Fermentation:

1. If you maintain a wine blog, just email me with the name and URL of your blog and I’ll post it in the blog roll.

2. If you are a winery and think there’s a really good reason why I should investigate your wines and story, pitch me a story via email with your idea and tell me the most compelling reason why I should let my readers know about your wines and winery.

3. If you produce a wine-related product or have a wine-related service that you think Fermentation readers will want to know about, tell me in an e-mail what is unique, compelling, significant or relevant about your service or product.

Alternatively, you can let me know that there is some element of female nakedness associated with your blog, winery or wine-related service or product and I’ll probably take notice.

Bottom Line: Blogs are like any other form of media. They may be interested in what your story is. Interested enough to write about it, even. BUT…assume you need to make the effort to pitch the story in a creative and compelling way.

Offering up female nakedness might work with me at Fermentation, but it’s unlikely that other wine bloggers are as easy as I am. Make the effort. Do the research. Pitch the story directly.


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  1. Mary B. - April 24, 2008

    Question. When will they come out with a wine label of a nubile, naked cellar guy?

  2. Arthur Przebinda - April 25, 2008

    Mary, how many of those guys are there?

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