X-Ray Wine Specs…AMAZING!

Randy Hall, in response to our report that American Wine Wholesalers claim they are saving lives by making sure no tainted wine hits the shelves, answered the question I forgot to answer. Namely, How exactly do those amazing wholesalers actually check each and every bottle of wine to make sure it isn’t tainted, thereby saving countless lives?


And he’s right. Why it’s downright amazing the kind of space age technology that can be developed when you are flush with dough due only to your state-granted monopoly. And now you can have your own, genuine set of WSWA X-RAY WINE SPECS.


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  1. Arthur Przebinda - May 13, 2008

    Is there a TCA model?

  2. Randy - May 13, 2008

    Tom, you can expect to see the invoice for my blog post inspiration hit your mailbox any day now…

  3. Catie - May 14, 2008

    Okay, so “protecting the children” campaign didn’t work and now the AWW is working on a new campaign to keep an illegal monopoly going.
    If I didn’t dislike their politics so much, I could almost be embarassed for them.

  4. randulo - May 15, 2008

    LOL guys and thanks for the ruined keyboard.

  5. Hip-Hop - May 15, 2008

    Just loving it!!!!!

  6. positive material identification - December 18, 2008

    Yeah great post.I think AWW wants to keep an illegal monopoly going.

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