Taking Naked Wine Tasting Outside the Box

At Wark Communications our focus is almost entirely on our clients; helping them expand their communications and marketing efforts. That means they have access to our best ideas.

But sometimes, we like to share these ideas with the public at large and the industry at large. This is more true today when we see the wine industry, like many others, struggling in the current difficult economy.

So, the question is what can a winery (or wine shop) do to attract media attention as well as an increased clientele? We have the answer and happily pass it along to the industry to run with…free of charge:


Think about it. There just isn't a lot to do when you stand at a tasting bar at a winery. Sure, you are surrounded by tchotckes and the wine you are sampling is probably in front of you. But in general, it's a pretty staid environment. I say liven it up with Nakedness.

How would a winery pull this off? I think the plan works like this:

1. Find four experienced, knowledgeable, young, good looking people (two male, two female) who don't mind pouring wine topless

2. Make sure your tasting bar is deep enough so the topless attendants are not in arms reach

3. Film some B-Roll of lots of people in the tasting room enjoying their Nakedness Encounter with their wine. Make sure the B-Roll has lots of footage of the wine, the label, the outside of the tasting room too.

4. Blur out the Breasts on the B-Roll

5. Distribute the B-Roll to the Media with a press release announcing the institution of Topless Wine Tasting.

6. Distribute the B-Roll on YouTube
7. Send a press release over the wires far and wide (with photos)

8. Engage a PR Firm to pitch the Topless Wine Tasting to Appropriate media.

9. Make sure you have some lower price point wines to accommodate the increase in casual wine drinkers who will come to the tasting room.

10. Contact every "naturalist" society in America with the invitation to join the "Naked Wine Club" which includes an annual retreat at a popular naturalist facility for a 2 day even that focuses entirely on wine education.

What would the results be? I can guarantee the following:

1. SUBSTANTIAL media coverage of the brand and the idea—both electronic as well as print.
2. SUBSTANTIAL increase in tasting room visits
3. SUBSTANTIAL increase in brand awareness
4. NUMEROUS inquiries from Distributors nationwide that want to carry your wine
5. SIGNIFICANT sign ups for your new Wine Club

Now here's the thing. This is a ridiculous idea—that would work. I suspect the type of winery that would be able to pull this off would have to be willing to significantly alter their business plan. In fact, it might be something that only works with a new brand. BUT…It would work.

Does it seem desperate? Sure, a little. But chances are we will see 10% unemployment in America by the end of 2010. That's pretty desperate.

So here's the point. It's time to start thinking outside the box, folks. It's time to get creative in our marketing and sales. It's time to start breaking some rules.

18 Responses

  1. Mike Duffy - January 7, 2009

    Of course, Cleavage Creek is the obvious choice, but this sounds more like something that Twisted Oak or Roshambo might actually do.
    Which of your clients at Wark Communications will be doing this? 🙂

  2. Soavegirl - January 7, 2009

    >>So, the question is what can a winery (or wine shop) do to attract media attention as well as an increased clientele?
    Hookers and blow!

  3. Jeremy - January 7, 2009

    This guy beat you to it Tom…Ok, it’s a topless coffee shop but the idea is the same—more sales and traffic!!!
    I always thought these guys could pull something like this off:

  4. Joe Dressner - January 7, 2009

    Frankly, I’ve been looking at naked Americans lately and don’t feel any need to look at any naked Europeans in the future!

  5. Steve Heimoff - January 8, 2009

    Why not bottomless?

  6. Lewis Perdue - January 8, 2009

    Wow! Congrats on your first NSFW post!
    Thanks for keeping us abreast of the latest trends. Certainly the thing for a sagging economy. I am sure someone will try to challenge you by responding tit-for-tat.

  7. Rob - January 8, 2009

    Maybe an idea for Randall Grahm?
    Loved the idea.

  8. Michael Newman - January 8, 2009

    You should be pouring wine from Naked Winery, of course.

  9. Thomas Pellechia - January 8, 2009

    I’m with Steve. Bottomless would also help shorten rest room lines.

  10. Strappo - January 8, 2009

    The wines must have a LOT of wood in them.

  11. JohnLopresti - January 8, 2009

    I know who got the idea first: the US attorney general, the one who quit about 2005, blur filter especially. Must be legal if he did it.

  12. Melissa Dobson - January 8, 2009

    Too funny, Tom! But you make an excellent point about getting creative.

  13. Dirty - January 9, 2009

    I’d also like a winery where you could fire automatic weapons, or learn to use a flame-thrower.
    It is time to get ill!

  14. Alder - January 9, 2009

    Did someone say Hooters Winery?

  15. Jared Brandt - January 9, 2009

    Have you seen the ads that Avondale Winery is running in South Africa? I reposted them on my blog – http://tinyurl.com/93hylt
    Instead of topless, they go all the way in their natural wine making.

  16. el jefe - January 16, 2009

    I think you meant “naturist” – I’m sure any naturalists reading will get a rise out of this post!
    In any case this idea would definitely change the nature of the crowd at the bar!

  17. el jefe - January 16, 2009

    ps to Steve H. In lots of tasting rooms the wine glass storage is under the bar or counter – that’s why not! 😉

  18. Herb - March 7, 2009

    The last week in July during the International Pinot Noir Celebration in McMinnville, Oregon, it can get quite hot. They had to chill the Pinot, lest it get too warm. One wardrobe malfunction lead to another. Soon the whole wait staff was topless. Then the guests joined in…

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