Blogging and the Mutiny on $0.04 Per Day

Mutineer Magazine, the newish beverage pub that is actually printed on dead trees instead of floating in the ether, is a sponsor of the American Wine Blog Awards. They will as part of our agreement broadcast the news of wine blogging, the Wine Blog Awards, the Finalists and the winners as far as the eye can see—or at least as far as their are eyes to see there magazine.

The very, very good news not just for the American Wine Blog Awards but also for Mutineer MagazineMut1
and for the literate drinker everywhere, is that Mutineer has secured national distribution for its publication. This is pretty important. Outside of raising the money to begin a dead tree literary vehicle, getting that vehicle on the streets where it can be gawked at and actually read and caressed is probably the most difficult thing for a new magazine.

As I've said before, I pick up Mutineer and I see a mature, refined, more readable and more useful version on of Wine X, minus the limiting demographic emphasis. Darryl Robert's Wine X Magazine was in fact groundbreaking and influential. And it produced for Roberts a good deal of hate mail from wine traditionalists. I rather doubt that Mutineer Magazine has had to screen its emails for dusty particles the same way Roberts did.

Like Wine X, Mutineer is targeting a younger demographic and doing so with its choice of editorial, it's contemporary design, its less than stodgy tone and with its embrace of the online world. And yet behind Mutineer is Alan Kropf, a man with a resume: Alan studied with both the Court of Master Sommeliers and the Wine and
Spirits Education Trust. He was the Sommelier at the
Beverly Hills Hotel. Before Mutineeer he wrote for Sante, The Tasting
Panel, and SommSelections. He has also spent time working in the wine program at
Gordon Ramsay in West Hollywood. And while he edits and publishes Mutineer, he is also writing his first book
and is a wine consultant to restaurants and collectors.

All this bringsAWBA-Logo-2009web me back around to the American Wine Blog Awards. Mutineers is the right media sponsor for this third version of the Awards. Like the American Wine Blog Awards and wine blogs in general,  Mutineer Magazine is new, is sprinkling its wisdom across a landscape of recent converts to wine, is seeking to change the perception of what wine writing and what wine reading entails and is beginning to burst out across a larger landscape.

So here is what I NEED every reader of Fermentation to do: SUBSCRIBE TO MUTINEER MAGAZINE. (Yes, keep your subscriptions to the other wine and food pubs you get, too). But Subscribe to Mutineer to thank them for supporting wine blogging in a big way. Subscribe to Mutineer Magazine to support the evolution of wine writing and reporting. Subscribe to Mutineer Magazine to show them that Fermentation has at least a little influence. Subscribe to Mutineer Magazine to help make them profitable so we can have good stuff to read on planes, bus trips, and road trips where we are trapped in a car with someone who still isn't over being dumped by Sally Smith in 11th grade.

We are talking $15 a year for 6 issues. That's $2.50 an issue; $1.25 per month. $0.04  per day.

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  1. Katie - February 18, 2009

    Speaking as a columnist for Mutineer, I second that (e)motion!! Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe!!!

  2. Samantha - February 18, 2009

    Now what is it you want us to do? I am signing up as soon as I finish this snarky post. Thanks for the tip and I will be more than willing to support any magazine that supports wine bloggers!

  3. mydailywine - February 18, 2009

    I love what Mutineer is doing. I always support innovative, fresh approaches to the wine world. And it pains me to deny any request from Tom.
    But I just finished all my dead tree pubs subscriptions this year and I feel so free, so light, so uncluttered!
    Ok. I will think about it. Just this one…thats how it always starts.

  4. Mark - February 18, 2009

    I’ve been a subscriber since issue 2 and I’d honestly have to say it’s the best wine mag out there, issue 4 should be here any day and I can’t wait!

  5. Barry - February 18, 2009

    I just e-mailed the editor at Mutineer and he sent me an electronic copy of the magazine, I’m definitely going to subscribe.

  6. 1WineDude - February 18, 2009

    Sally Smith did NOT dump me, ok?!??!!!
    *I* dumped *her*!!!

  7. Iron Chevsky - February 19, 2009

    Thanks for the pointer.
    Will check it out. And look at the Gary Vee on the cover – that dude is everywhere.

  8. Tim - February 19, 2009

    “or at least as far as their are eyes to see there magazine”
    umm, I think the their/there uses are backward

  9. tish - February 19, 2009

    Signed up. It will be nice to hold an honest, sensible wine magazine in my hands for a change.

  10. epicuria - February 23, 2009

    The magazine will go the way of Wine X. Alan K polluted OWC with his overzealous efforts to promote his mag. He’s been dubbed the Howard Stern of the Wine World.
    I do have to say, though, that his put down of Bottle Shock was spot on.

  11. Andrew Major - February 25, 2009

    I LOVE the mag. I’m excited to see what happens.

  12. Jenny - March 4, 2009

    LOL at epicuria comment. The magazine is totally going to flop due to them trying to get their name out on OWC and it bothering MAYBE 10 people.
    That was sarcasm.

  13. personal wealth academy - November 10, 2010

    I hope that Mutineer Magazine would bring an alternate view among others.

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