Reapers of Vines

Reap If we can just find a way to assure that the various diseases and virus that attack grapevines continue to thrive, it's likely we can make this a better world. But who can we call on to advance this worthy goal of assuring that grapevines continue to wither in the face of disease and viruses? Who can we place our hope with in our battle to assure the prosperity of a diseased and virused wine industry?

Enter LES FAUCHEUR, aka, "The Reapers".

As reported by Decanter, this shadowy group of heroes bravely destroyed a research facility in the town of Colmar in northeastern France where villains posing as researchers were conducting "research" on ways to halt the spread of Grapevine Fanleaf Virus, a naturally occurring gift from God that "can reduce yields by 50% before killing the vines and rendering vineyard soil unviable for future plantations."

Oliver Florent, one of the 60+ brave "Reapers" who was arrested for his good deeds told the media in the aftermath of their victory over progress: "In about half an hour we neutralized, not vandalized, the vines."

Take note of the speed and rapidity with which nature's protectors were able to neutralize the devastating results of man's war on nature. Could we, here in the United States, be lucky enough to have such speedy Reapers correct the abomination called "progress"?


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  1. Valvekeeper of Must - August 19, 2010


  2. Steve Savage - August 20, 2010

    There is absolutely nothing “scary” about a rootstock that is resistant to a virus. No one has advanced a single credible scenario by which this could cause a problem. They have not even considered the biology (e.g. the rootstock does not even flower and if it did it could only cross with other Vitis species, and grapes are grown from cuttings not seeds….)

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