Liquidity Preference is a Great Read…Go Find Out Why

Liquiditypreference The embarrassment I feel when I come across a long running editorial outlet that is both extremely well done and relatively unknown to me is palpable. I also get a bit angry with myself because I know now that had I been reading this editorial outlet I'd be a smarter person today.

This is exactly how I feel about Jacob Grier's "Liquidity Preference", a blog that delves into "Cocktails, Coffee and Commentary". I've been reading through Jacob's work on this blog that he writes from his position as a freelance writer, barista and mixologist from Oregon. It is a GREAT READ and insightful to boot.

If you want to see just how well Jacob can write, how lucidly he can address complex issues, and how
Jacobgrier smoothly he can deliver a well thought out and hard hitting opinion, look at his most recent article (outside his blog, it turns out) about H.R. 5034: "Beware of CARE". Jacob nails the issues at hand as well as anyone has.

But it's to his blog, Liquidity Preference, that I want to encourage readers to turn.

As he points out, his interests are eclectic. While writing often about the politics of alcohol regulations, branding, cocktail and coffee cultures, Oregon and products, Jacob is just as likely to deliver his take on issues of no relation to these core subjects. But what makes him really interesting and a good writer, is the breadth of his interests. It means that when he does address alcohol and drinks issues, they are explored from unique and even unusual perspectives. This creative approach to issue exploration is the mark of every important thinker writing in every industry and writing about every issue.

It's no surprise that Jacob is good at this. He's been at his blog now since 2003. One of the things I always do when I run across a new blog or new writer is look at their first post and look at how they describe themselves in their "about" section. Prominently displayed on Jacob's "About" page is this:


Rule #1: Be meaningful.

Rule #2: If meaning is elusive, be amusing.

Rule #3: If meaning and amusement are both out of reach, be brief.

In his first post at Liquidity Preferences, Jacob writes this:

"More importantly, the new site is interactive, so feel free to add
comments to anything posted. Now if I write something stupid, you can
point that out in public instead of just sending me an e-mail!"

Smart, insightful, a good writer..AND funny. There's a lot to like here.

Jacob spent time in the world of Think Tanks in Washington, DC before devoting himself to cocktails and coffee and his blog, as well as writing. Think Tanks, I've always felt, are where really bright people go to be inconsequential. However, the are also places where people go to spend time making well thought-out and well-stated arguments. Its where they learn how to be graceful polemicists.

Liquidity Preference most definitely displays those qualities.

As I said, I'm a bit embarrassed that I've not been a regular reader of Jacob's for many years now. But I'll rectify that today. My advice is that if you want a good read on a regular basis (he writes nearly daily) you should be reading Jacob Grier's Liquidity Preference.

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