Wine, Women and Coming of Age

Wws21 Both the venerable Women for Winesense organization and my own wine industry involvement began exaclty 21 years ago in 1990. There is absolutely no connection between these two anniversaries. However, I was reminded of this coincidence as I was made aware of an important upcoming event here in Napa Valley hosted by Women For Winesense: "Wine On America's Table" set for Sunday, August 14th at the Fortunati Vineyards estate in Napa.

Women for Winesense has always encouraged women in the wine industry and helped younger women pursue their desire to get into the wine industry through their scholarships that are awarded annually.

In addition to celebrating the 21st Anniversary of Women for Winesense' founding in 1990, the Wine on America's Table event will help raise funds for the Women for Winesense Scholarship fund. And besides this, the event will feature great wines, great food, raffles, silent auctions and lots of woman. All of this is very, very good.

By the way, the cost to become an individual member of Women for Winesense is a mere $80/year while businesses can support the work of Women for Winesense for a mere $500/year. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND membership. Few organizations have built such a stellar reputation as WWS and have done so much good for the industry on a relatively shoestring budget.

More importantly, if you live in and around Napa, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND enjoying next weekend with the women with wine sence at their Wine On America's Table anniversary event on August 14th.

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