Wine Bloggers and the Opening In The Tent

Nederburg This is a shout out not only to a fellow wine blogger, but also to the wine trade that, if they have not yet noticed, the best wine bloggers are being invited inside some very important tents.

David White of the blog Terroirist recently gave the keynote address at the 37th Annual Nederburg Rare South African Wine Auction in Paarl. It is a very prestigious invitation to give that keynote and it went to a wine blogger who has been at it roughly a year or so. David was named "Best New Wine Blogger" at this years Wine Blog Awards presented in Charlottesville, VA during the North American Wine Bloggers Conference.

Below is a video of David, in South Africa, speaking directly to the issue of the changing wine media and marketing landscape and noting how bloggers and new sources of authority are changing the game.

How likely is it that David's attendance at and keynote speech at this important event will be the last time an independent wine blogger will be invited to carry the day at a key wine industry or wine consumer event? Not very.

As I've said before, the wine blogosphere, as it exists right now, is the repository of the talent that will produce the wine books of the future, the wine info authorities of the future, the future editors and columnists of major wine magazines, and the key marketing consultants to the wine industry in the future.

Granted, all wine bloggers do not possess the talent, insight, professionalism and drive of David White. But there are a number of "David Whites" now working in the wine blogging format.

Congratulations to David for this prestigious invitation.

You can read the entire text of his Keynote address at the 37th Annual Nederburg Rare South African Wine Auction.

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  1. Jeff - September 22, 2011

    That’s very cool and while I know David as a friendly acquaintance, I don’t think its maudlin to say that I’m proud of him.
    Your assessment of the wine blogosphere is equally spot-on.

  2. tom merle - September 22, 2011

    He gave a terrific presentation; much substance well delivered. One of the best statements on why the gatekeepers are being nudged aside and their influence waning. Those South African auction organizers knew something that many don’t and are to be lauded for inviting this blogger to address their attendees (though it is worth noting that there isn’t one black face among the crowd shots on the website, except, predictably, of the entertainment–danger ahead).

  3. larry schaffer - September 26, 2011

    I too enjoyed what David had to say – very thoughtful and very insightful. As I mentioned to him elsewhere, I’m not sure that either the consumer or on/off premise accounts have moved as far from the ‘old school gatekeepers’ as he imagines – people still do rely on ratings from the ‘big guys and gals’ and I don’t see this completely going away.
    In addition, one interesting thing I’ve seen with CellarTracker is the backlash against those that rate wines ‘differently’ than the norm. These ‘outliers’ should be applauded for their divergent views, assuming they are truly based on their experience with the wine(s) and nothing else, not denegrated . . .
    Carry on and congrats again to David.

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