No Wine Left Behind

"No Wine Left Behind" is a documentary short that follows the development of Lavish Laines Winery from garage winery to full operation. What's of great interest is that the winemaking and the venture was begun by an Iraqi war vet who came home from battle and could not find a job. His girlfriend led him to an interest in wine. That interest led to the attempt to get into the wine business. And the venture became a place returning Iraqi vets could turn for a job and a sense of purpose.


No Wine Left Behind will debut at the upcoming Napa Valley Film Festival on November 9th.

Filmmaker Kevin Gordon made the film as a response to the ugly reports he heard about returning vets and their difficulties transitioning to life in the current economy. As Kevin puts it:

"Last summer I was shocked by news reports about high rates of unemployment and suicide among returning veterans. Like many Americans, I had been feeling disconnected from the war and saw a film as an opportunity do something about it. I spent three months researching and networking in the veteran community until I heard about a group of Marines starting a winery in the East Bay. My first visit out there I was blown away by the sense of community and I knew I had found my story."

The film will receive funding from Kickstart, a funding platform for creative projects, if the filmmaker an raise $4,000 by November 18th. So far, they are up to $3,010.

Watch the trailer. If moved. Give them the help they it $5 or $1000.

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  1. Mike Duffy - November 4, 2011

    Great of you to publicize this, Tom.

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