Relationships Between Wine Blogs, Ads and Readers

There is a symbiotic relationship between the publisher, the advertisers and the readers. While that church/state line must always separate what gets printed and what gets advertised, it's an important fact of publishing life that the publisher, readers and advertisers live under the same roof.

The readers want the content.
The advertisers want the readers.
The publisher wants both.

No content, no readers
No readers, no advertisers
No advertisers, no content.

While this might not always be true in the world of wine blogging where there is no cost to publishing and often no profit incentive (and sometimes no readers), it is always true in any publishing project that does not rely only on subscriptions to fund the effort.

With all this in mind, and having thanked my readers on numerous occasions and with the intent to do so many times in the future, today I want to acknowledge my advertisers.


Wine Guerrilla, over there on the right, has been with me the longest. A producer of Zinfandel for Zinfandel lovers, the winery produces small lot editions of Zin with beautiful labels. Please check them out. Please buy cases upon cases from them.

Over there on the top right is Marketview Liquors. Guess what they do, then click on the ad to confirm your brilliance. For now let's say that these folks have aggressively and forthrightly reached out through the Internet to find find and provide wine lovers with the unique bottlings they seek out.

Over on the left at the top is a relatively new advertiser. Wine Tourism Spain. Take a look. Yep. They provide exclusive and private tours of Spain's wine country as well as setting up all your hotel and spa needs while travelling and gulping your way through Spain.

My latest advertiser over on the left is Coastal Custom Wine Cellars. I suppose the most obvious goal of most wine lovers is to have need of these fine folk's services; to have created for you a custom wine cellar where you will happily want to go to pick out the night's bottle without having to move the coats and umbrella's out of the way. Please, check out their services.


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