30 Reasons to Re-Purchase a Wine

LTAre any of the numbered 30 below, NOT a good reasons to re-purchase a particular bottle of wine?

I think it can be said with some assurance that they are all good reasons to re-purchase a bottle of wine and none can be discounted. It’s an indication of the idiosyncratic nature of our motivations, not to mention our uniqueness as individuals.

What’s true is that this list could easily grow to 100 reasons or 200 or 500 or more.

For wine marketers, or marketers of any sort, what we have here is an example of what might be called the Long Tail of Consumer Motivation. It carries a simple message. You don’t necessarily have to define down desire or motivation to recapture the sale. When re-messaging your customers, it might to you well to slide down the tail to find out what weird things might motivate another purchase.

1. You liked the taste2. You liked the smell
3. It got you drunk
4. It didn’t get you drunk
5. It kept well in the fridge
6. It made you the hit of the party
7. One friend liked it as a gift, maybe another will
8. It reminds you of a place you like
9. Allowed you to show off your wealth
10. It looked good on your counter
11. It got a date just drunk enough to tell you their strange middle name
12 It felt nice on your palate
13. It was cheap
14. It plugged a hole in a vertical collection
15. A wine critic said it was better than you thought
16. The winemaker promised to sign your next bottle bought
17. Your first mother in law liked it. Maybe your second will too.
18. The corner of the closet it fit in is now empty again.
19. It is organic and you like organic things
20. Your buddy the winemaker needs the money.
21. You found it at half price, making finally a value.
22. You don’t like any other wine
23. Every cork has a word puzzle on it. You like puzzles
24. It makes you feel like you are on vacation
25. You want to drink your favorite wine before stopping drinking
26. You can’t locate the first bottle you bought.
27. You know it will go perfectly with the liver and onions you’re cooking
28. It’s unique bottle is all your blindness will allow you to recognize
29. It once cured your melancholy
30. It was always easy to get out of a white carpet

7 Responses

  1. Rich Reader - August 16, 2013

    Whatever one might have accomplished in serving and drinking a particular wine on one occasion might be very worthwhile improving upon by buying another bottle, and figuring out how to out do the previous performance. We all have our own definitions of success that may apply here.

  2. Wine Tour - August 16, 2013

    The good thing about wines is besides tasting it, preferences, social. So many wines tastings told me that we are always learning about it, from wood of the barrels to fermentation and even the harvest process is a way to influence every wine. All the best.

  3. Carl - August 16, 2013

    We would rebuy for reasons: 1, 12, 13, & 21. We drink most of our wine a home with just the two of us.

  4. Scott - August 18, 2013

    31. The funny animal on the label was So Darn Cute
    32. It reminded me of that King guy from Burger King. He is so funny.
    33. The marketing message was So Darn Cute and I Love It. I always capitalize “Love It”.
    34. “So Darn Cute” was capitalized on the label, just like I write it! I dot my “i”‘s with a heart, but there’s no “i”‘s in “So Darn Cute”.
    35. I don’t know if I’ll re-purchase your wine. Somebody might think of something more cute. Sorry, I mean More Cute!
    36. Referring to #23, I DO love puzzles! They are SO HARD!!

  5. Lisa - August 19, 2013

    it seems that with all the ‘reasons’ to purchase another bottle, marketing toward a specific customer or obtaining a specific rating, etc. all the common practices wineries follow, are not necessary. customers will purchase what they will. however, these practices may be important for capturing the FIRST purchase.

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